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Thank you for visiting this site.  If you are a survivor, welcome.  It is our goal to help you see that you are not alone.  While our focus is to help you along a spiritual journey it is our aim to include any resource links that will help empower you to either help yourself or others.

The resources on these pages are suggestions on where to look for help, not endorsements.  Although we've used the resources in workshops, groups, and seminar and others have found the information helpful.  What is useful to one group may not be benefit to another. It is essential that you use your own judgment and review the site and materials before suggestions to other.
We caution you to use caution as you search for online resources.  Not everyone you meet is who he or she to be.  Report abuse you find online to the sites hosting the discussion board or chat room in question.
We are resource site and we acknowledge that the views and opinion expressed by the individuals sites and authors in the book section are intended for personal or group resource and not intended to replace or subsitute mental and/or spiritual advice. 
All the resources on this site have been accessed by the site administrator but we are not responsible for the links we've included.  We also welcome suggestions and will consider adding information.  If you find a helpful site that will address these issues listed on this site, please send via our contact form.
Moblie App
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
800-273-TALK (8255)
in Spanish: 888-628-9454
The toll-free hotline operates 24 hours a day.  Callers are routed to local trained crisis counselors who will listen and offer help and referrals.  A call to them can save your life.
 RAINN -800-656-HOPE
The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) operates a free 24-hour-aday hotline for survivors of all kinds of sexual assault, including sexual abuse, rape, and domestic violence.  When you call RAINN, a computer instantly connects you to the nearest rape crisis center.  At least 1,000 trained counselors are available to answer calls.  All calls are confidential and will not show up on your phone bill.
Special Thanks to Sarah and  her young student for 
Violence Against Women
Thanks - for Doris for recommending the following young lady:
Deshauna Jone - There is Purpose In Your Pain
Preventing Domestic Abuse Crimes
When Vilence Comes Home - Children tell their side.
OusleyResources is proud to be a partner of the
 Telling Amy’s Story – Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence project!
 Check out http://www.facebook.com/tellingamysstory and get updates on the film’s broadcast schedule at http://www.telling.psu.edu/
Share Amy’s Story By sharing the film and web site with others, you are taking a towards raising awareness and preventing domestic violence.We are connected to many people even beyond our family and close friends. Share Amy’s story with your , your representative, your church congregation, your hairdresser, your hunting buddies, your doctor, or the parents at your play dates.
Kids Help Phone
Self Defense

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